Protein Popcorn

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24 Bags per Box. 10g Protein. 9g Net Carbs. 1g Sugar. Think Outside The Bar. This Is Not A Protein Bar. Protein. It's The Nutrient That Everyone Needs. And Unfortunately So Many Protein Snacks Limit Themselves By Staying Inside The Bar, Which Got Us Wondering...What If There Was Protein Snack That Thinks Outside The Bar? Enter Protes Protein Popcorn, Leaving the Protein Bar in the Dust, We Combine Great Taste and Functionality to Create a Better than Better-For-You Protein Snack That You'll Actually Look Forward To Eating. Everybody Snacks, Everybody Needs Protein. We're here to Make Sure That Snacking Serves a Purpose. Air-Popped. Gluten Free. Non-GMO. rBST-Free.

Contains Milk.