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Isopure Protein RTD Drink

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Zero Carb. 40 grams of 100% Whey Protein Isolate. Aspartame & Preservative Free. 40 grams protein. Protein so pure you can't see it. 10,240 mg of BCAA's. 160 calories. Aspartame, Preservative, & Gluten-Free. Shake Well. We're all more than muscle. 100% Pure 0% Carbs. A carb-free clear drink that's packed with 100% pure whey protein isolate and 100% awesome taste. All with 0% lactose, fat, preservatives or impurities. Drink up.

Shake well. Take 1 bottle after a workout or other strenuous activity. Drink one serving daily. Refrigerate after opening.

Keep out of reach of children.