Muscle Milk

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20g Protein per 2 Scoops. Protein Nutrition Powder. Optimize Performance. 2:1 Carbohydrate to Protein Ratio. 20 Vitamins and Minerals. Gluten Free. Safe for Sport. Free Of Banned Substances. Muscle Milk Collegiate Series Protein Nutrition Powder Is Designed To Support Athletes during Training and Competitive Events. Our Premium Protein Powder Provides Key Nutrients To Help Support Muscle Repair, Growth And Maintenance With Complex Carbohydrates To Help Refuel Muscle Energy Stores. Our Philosophy: Fueling Your Body Based On Sound Scientific Principles Is One Of The Tenets Of Optimal Athletic Performance. We Have Long Encouraged Student Athletes To Make Smart Nutrition Decisions, And Hope That These Choices Are Guided By Fair And Equal Competition. But Merely Encouraging Today's Time-Constrained Student Athlete To Eat To Win Isn't Enough. Consuming Adequate Nutrients For Nutritional Support Can Be Difficult. To Help Student Athletes With This Dilemma, Muscle Milk Collegiate Series Protein Nutrition Powder Provides A Responsible, Safe And Effective Option.

Single Serving: Mix 2 Scoops (75g) Into 8 To 10 FL Oz Water. Double Serving: Mix 4 Scoops (150g) Into 16 To 20 FL Oz Water. Muscle Milk Collegiate Series Protein Nutrition Powder Can Be Used Before Workouts, After Workouts, Or As a Daily Snack to Help Meet Your Specific Nutrition and Training Goals

Note: Product Sold By Weight, Not By Volume. Contents May Settle During Shipping And Handling. This Product Complements Sound Nutritional And Hydration Practices That When Utilized In Conjunction With Training, Can Help Maximize Training Adaptation To Improve Strength And Endurance. Overall Nutritional Requirements Should Be Met By Consuming A Variety Of Whole Foods And Maintaining An Adequate State Of Hydration. Do Not Use This Product As Your Sole Source Of Nutrition.